Strengthening governance

A partnership with the Central Provincial Government Education Division and Esmie Sinapa Development Consultants and Services has resulted in the development of a Board of Management Training Manual which is used as a guide and training resource to improve school board governance and leadership performance.


Strengthening governance

Good governance and leadership of any school, are prerequisites to any educational institution in providing quality education to children.

To help improve school board governance and leadership capacities ExxonMobil PNG and the Central Provincial Government Education Division and Esmie Sinapa Development Consultants and Services have partnered to develop a Board of Management (BoM) Training Manual.

A unique approach was taken in the development of this manual with school stakeholders including BoM members, head teachers and community leaders involved in the development, review and practical trial application of the manual before it was finalised.

The BoM training manual forms a critical component and basic foundation of a school's overall management.

Policy Planning Department of Education Assistant Secretary, John Kawage, says the partnership with ExxonMobil PNG is significant.

We see ExxonMobil PNG coming on board as very important because it helps us deliver quality education. BoM is one area that has always been a challenge because of the lack of knowledge on proper financial accountability. We have always had an issue of proper accounting and reporting. When ExxonMobil PNG stepped in to partner and run training for the BoM in Central Province, it was a milestone and a step forward in developing our BoM so they can be effective in their financial accountability at the school level.
John Kawage

ExxonMobil PNG has signed a US$488,000 (PGK1.29 million) funding agreement with the Central Provincial Government to implement the School Board of Management training program in Central Province schools.

The training program is also being rolled out in schools in Hela Province.  It is hoped the BoM will become a tool to be used in all schools in Papua New Guinea.

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