Community empowerment

Advancing commercial agriculture

ExxonMobil as operator of the PNG LNG Project, is helping to establish a new public private partnership with the aim of advancing commercial agriculture in the Hela Province.


Community health

ExxonMobil PNG invested in building national community health capacity through public-private partnerships with the PNG Institute for Medical Research (PNG IMR). The implementation of an integrated health and demographics surveillance system (iDHSS) provided new data and insights into the disease burden in the country.

Fostering skills

Workforce development

ExxonMobil PNG's approach to workforce development involves creating local jobs and training Papua New Guineans in technical and professional skills. They will play a key role in running the PNG LNG facilities for decades to come.

Investing in papua new guinea

International investment has played a significant role in PNG’s growth, most notably with the ExxonMobil-led PNG LNG Project that commenced operations...
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