Environment and health


ExxonMobil PNG has invested US$35 million (PGK88.6 million) into improving health care services in Papua New Guinea for people of all ages.

ExxonMobil PNG invested in building national community health capacity through public-private partnerships with the PNG Institute for Medical Research (PNG IMR). The implementation of an integrated health and demographics surveillance system (iDHSS) provided new data and insights into the disease burden in the country.

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Capacity building

ExxonMobil PNG’s US $4.3 million (PGK11.6 million) grant to the Texas Children’s Hospital program is helping improve paediatric, maternal and public health capacity across Papua New Guinea.

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In-kind support

At a local level, ExxonMobil PNG is making infrastructure improvements to community clinics surrounding Project facilities to improve the health care services available to Papua New Guineans. Many health services providers lack the functional medical equipment they require to successfully treat patients.

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