Infrastructure support

ExxonMobil PNG is focused on improving quality education in PNG and the support of local schools has been significant and wide ranging. New classrooms have been built, existing facilities have been refurbished and equipment such as desks and learning materials have been donated.

Education is the key to economic empowerment and all Papua New Guineans should have the opportunity to learn.

ExxonMobil PNG knows that clean, safe and healthy environments for dedicated teachers are an important component of successful teaching and learning outcomes for students; and a safe and comfortable place for students to learn, provides the best opportunity for them to receive quality education.

ExxonMobil PNG is focused on improving education in PNG LNG project areas and the support of local schools has been significant and wide ranging. New classrooms and teachers’ houses have been built, solar panels have been donated to generate electricity, water tanks installed to provide clean drinking water, existing facilities have been refurbished and equipment such as desk and learning materials have been donated.

In 2016 ExxonMobil PNG funded teachers’ houses to be built at four schools in Central Province.

Deputy Provincial Administrator for Central Province Edward Kila said the support from ExxonMobil PNG will help to foster education in the four villages and contribute to the overall academic performance of Central Province.

This contribution from ExxonMobil PNG will make a difference and, through quality education, students will grow strong and make our communities proud.

Edward Kila

Boera Primary School Head Teacher, John Wasigiu, said support from ExxonMobil PNG has helped students and teachers in a number of ways.

“We have received continuous support from ExxonMobil including the provision of water tanks for students and teachers and maintenance on our classrooms; and student desks have been provided which means students are no longer sitting on the floor and learning is taking place in the classroom.

“As the headmaster I am very proud and the teachers were very proud when ExxonMobil built a teachers’ house. In my 23 years of teaching, this is the most permanent house I’ve lived in. It means that I’m always here helping the teachers and students so that learning is always taking place,” said John.

ExxonMobil PNG has invested a total of US $11 million (PGK30 million) in education through partnerships with stakeholders in the public and private sectors.

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