Women's empowerment

ExxonMobil is helping women fulfill their economic potential and drive economic and social change in their communities.

When women control their income they invest in the health, education and the well-being of their families and communities. They also tend to reach out to propel other women forward, creating a powerful multiplier effect that benefits all of society.

ExxonMobil PNG has partnered with institutions and organisations to help women make a difference through education, knowledge sharing, training and skills development. The programs go beyond the individual benefiting, they add value and encourage growth and empowerment amongst the wider community.

Since 2006, ExxonMobil PNG has helped 64 Papua New Guinean women attend the Global Women in Management (GWIM) training program. The ExxonMobil-led program strengthens their skills in areas such as project and financial management, proposal writing, leadership and advocacy.

In 2014, with the support of ExxonMobil, PNG played host to the conference for the first time, a proud moment for the country which enabled more Papua New Guinean women than ever before to attend.

Women’s leader and gender rights advocate, Mary Michael Tamia has spent her life supporting and advancing women in Papua New Guinea. Passionate about helping women recognise their leadership potential, Mary has long campaigned for greater education and support for women to enable them to achieve equality.

With her passion for women’s empowerment and equality, Mary was selected by ExxonMobil PNG to attend the 2011 Global Women in Management (GWIM) conference in Indonesia.

Mary was so motivated by her involvement in GWIM to find ways to share these newfound skills with other women she established a training centre in the village of Hoyabia.


ExxonMobil PNG supported these efforts by providing funding for the facilities where Mary now conducts training in livelihoods, cooking and sewing as well as marital relationship workshops and education programs for young girls.

As a GWIM alumni, Mary is part of a group of Papua New Guinean women that formed the Advancing PNG: Women’s Leaders Network Inc.

Cathy Alex, Program Coordinator of Advancing PNG:  Women Leaders Network and a 2012 graduate, used her training and business expertise to mentor women in Papua New Guinea.

With Cathy’s help, a woman from her community was able to secure a role as school council representative, a position that previously had been held only by men.

Other women’s programs supported by ExxonMobil PNG include the Business and Professional Women’s Club the Business Coalition for Women, the PNG Women’s Forum, the PNG Women in Business Expo and the Women in Energy Network.

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