Cultural heritage

Educating local communities on the importance of their cultural heritage is a key step in preserving and promoting the unique culture of Papua New Guinea.


Cultural heritage

Papua New Guinea’s cultural practices are under threat but events like the Kutubu Kundu Digaso Festival is one way to preserve and protect the country’s unique and diverse heritage according to PNG Tourism Promotion Authority Chief Executive Officer Jerry Agus.

Kutubu Kundu Digaso Festival chairman, James Irimaru, agrees and said the event promotes the preservation of rich biodiversity, preserves Lake Kutubu’s cultural heritage and promotes sustainable resource conservation.

“It is an educational event for our children and young people to not forget the richness of our culture,” he said.


Initiated by the World Wide Fund for Nature, the Kutubu Kundu and Digaso Festival aims to revive some of the lost cultures and to highlight the significance of the natural and cultural heritage of the area.

It offers a rare treat of fascinating cultural performances from all over the Southern Highlands and promotes the collaboration and sharing of traditional practices among 40 local communities from the Lake Kutubu region.

Regional singing groups participated and more than 4,000 visitors, including scientists, conservationists, tourists and international cultural specialists attended.

ExxonMobil PNG has supported the Festival since 2011.

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