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Since the start of production, ExxonMobil PNG has spent almost US$705 million (PGK2.3 billion) on Papua New Guinean services, with almost US$180 million (PGK682 million) spent with Landowner Companies.  This is in addition to the US$4.16 billion (PGK11 billion) spent during construction of the PNG LNG project.

PNG LNG waste services provider

Supply chain development

ExxonMobil PNG uses local suppliers wherever possible for the procurement of goods and services for production activities. Twelve landowner companies and some 200 Papua New Guinean businesses are engaged by ExxonMobil PNG.

local PNG food growers supply Hides Alliance Group with fruits and vegetables

Hides Alliance Group

The Hides Alliance Group is a joint venture between local Landowner company Hides Gas Development Company and PNG Catering company Alliance. It is one of many PNG companies that has gone from strength to strength through its involvement with ExxonMobil PNG.

PNG LNG provides business advisory and mentoring services

The Enterprise Centre

Hundreds of Papua New Guinean businesses are using an ExxonMobil PNG established business advisory and mentoring service to grow their capacity.