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In consultation with the Papua New Guinea Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA) and conservation stakeholders, ExxonMobil PNG’s biodiversity specialists developed a biodiversity strategy and biodiversity implementation and monitoring program that outlines how project-related impacts on biodiversity are assessed and managed over the long term.

ExxonMobil PNG discovers new frog species

Biodiversity management and conservation

ExxonMobil PNG’s biodiversity strategy is aligned with PNG’s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan and the Policy on Protected Areas, and provides a strategic roadmap for the sustainable use and management of the country’s biological resources.

ExxonMobil PNG partners to provide scholarship for masters degrees in conservation management

Environmental conservation champions

Four Papua New Guinean citizens have received scholarships to complete a Master’s degree in Conservation Management through the University of Papua New Guinea.

PNG cultural heritage - tribal dress

Cultural heritage

Educating local communities on the importance of their cultural heritage is a key step in preserving and promoting the unique culture of Papua New Guinea. 

discovery of ancient Lapita pottery

Preserving cultural heritage

For the first time in Papua New Guinea, and over 2000 years since it was believed to have ended, evidence of Lapita pottery was discovered across seven sites at the LNG Plant during the Project’s construction phase.